Kenya’s anti-tax laws protests entered their second week, with Tuesday’s street protests not being only the deadliest but also one that saw an occurrence that has never been witnessed in Kenya’s history – the invasion of parliament.

The angry protestors outwitted the police and made their way into the heavily secured parliament building by breaching a wall behind the building.

The protestors gained access to the National Assembly chambers just moments after members of parliament had been whisked away to safety through an underground passage.

The protestors damaged facilities at the August House, and torched a section of the building before being repulsed by reinforcements.

Several people were killed with media reports indicating that at least 13 people lost their lives in Tuesdays protests, with some of the dead suffering as high as 16 bullet wounds.

Before all hell broke loose, I was in Nairobi covering the protests for Johannesburg’s Power 98.7 FM and here is the conversation I had with Pabi Moloi, a host at the South African media outlet during the Power Lunch show.