Mrs. Denise Mensah is one of the lucky new bachelors of 2020. Her age didn’t prevent her from reaching her goal. Passing her “baccalauréat”.

To congratulate and support Mrs. Mensah, the University of Lomé paid tribute to her and offered to lift her registration and education costs should she decide to pursue university studies. Even if she decides to study at a private university, university authorities said she will get support, as they are planning to undertake reforms to consider those who decided not to pursue their studies for various reasons.

Mrs. Denise Mensah welcomed this invitation to move forward and chose to continue her studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Management.

A seamstress by training and profession, Mrs. Denise Mensah runs her own sewing workshop. The news of her success is all over social networks and traditional media. This is seen by the public as a message of hope for those who could not succeed this year and for all those who want to take on extraordinary challenges. As the saying goes, “It’s never too late”.

The baccalauréat, a high school diploma, will certainly allow the lucky 50-year-old to access other opportunities apart from personal satisfaction and meeting the challenge she set for herself. The dream has finally come true. For the record, Mrs. Denise Mensah had to leave school in fifth grade for health reasons. But she was able to take evening classes, enabling her to pass the BEPC, the first cycle educational diploma.

Obtaining her baccalauréat being her main objective, she enrolled in grade 10 in a private school of a suburban district of Lomé, the Togolese capital, in a normal daytime class, along with other younger students, most of whom could have been her children. She put herself to work with confidence. Bachelor at 51-years old since October 15, 2020, she is the pride of an entire generation and a source of motivation and inspiration for many people.