So, you took this woman to your house. You knew very well that in the village everyone wanted her.

Everyone wanted to be close to her, to feel her embrace, and to see her smile.
Everyone was envious when you took her with you to your bedroom.

Of course, you were touted the luckiest guy in the village, how could you not be?

Everyone knew that on that very night you were going to lie with her on the same bed and feel the warmth of her silk smooth skin against yours.

Everyone’s eyes were full of jealousy when they saw you holding hands; they all knew it was going to happen that night.

You were going to be in the same bed with an angel of a woman, making love to her.
You see, this girl had everything a man wanted.

She was hard working, beautiful and intelligent, and the whole village expected that you were going to provide for her, not just the fruits of the loins, but all that was to keep her beauty shining.

Such a beautiful woman, the village believed, deserved to get the finest oils to keep her skin silky and glowing.

She was the perfect partner and it was her generosity that made everyone believe that if she found the perfect man, she could become the mother of the village, feeding and clothing everyone.

Village men had often fought with each other just to get her.
Some tried charm and used their oratory skills, they just wanted her her to say yes!
And yet she seemed to spurn all those attempts, making everyone believe that she was never going to say yes to anyone.

So, the whole village was surprised when you walked past with her in your arms.
Like a cockerel that had just won a fight, you beamed with excitement.
Nobody was sure whether you had really gotten her to say YES to you, or you had used some tricks.

What is known is that village men got into a serious fight over whether you had won the girl without any tricks or not.

Some men had believed they were close to getting her and had even bragged to others about it.

Confusion, disappointment and anger reigned in the village as you entered your hut, gleefully.

The village preacher urged peace and told men to accept that she was gone to another men.

“He is going to treat our village pearl very well, don’t worry guys,” the old preacher told the distraught men.

But to everyone’s shock, instead of treating her like a real woman that she was, you did the opposite.

She was supposed to come out of the hut beaming with the excitement that every woman has after intercourse.

Instead, she came out of your house with her dress torn into shreds.

Her hair was a mess and some of her teeth were missing.

The whole village watched with disgust as you dragged her in the mud, urinated and defecated on her.

Some tried to raise their voices to tell you that you were abusing her and killing the potential of her being the nice wife.

As villagers later realised, you had your gang of royals ready.

Anyone who who protested against your behaviour would disappear to the unknown.

You became the bully of the village, abusing and tormenting the beautiful woman.

The village became helpless and watched, not able to do anything.

Today, you still torment her.

She has become thin, frazzled, muddy, and has lost all her teeth, you have done so much damage to her and you continue to inflict more pain.

Yet, she lives, and as she cries out and bleeds everyday, her prayer is that she finds a loving husband who will do everything to restore her beauty and soul.

She still hopes to feed and clothe the village and assume her role of being the mother of the village.

She says that someday you will unshackle the chains and let her free, and then she can meet someone loving and caring.

We still dont know why you hold onto her when you have done all that mess to her body and soul.

We only hope you will let her go soon.

The girl is called Zimbabwe.

Your name is Robert Mugabe