William Ruto will be sworn in as Kenya’s fifth president on 13th September 2022. This is after the Supreme Court upheld his election which was challenged in court by Raila Odinga. Mr Odinga had alleged vote rigging in favour of Mr Ruto.

Odinga also alleged that the electoral body failed to deploy a foolproof elections technology, which they said saw the infiltration of the system.

Mr Odinga’s petition was consolidated with seven others filed by individuals and civil society organizations challenging the declaration of Mr Ruto as president.

In their ruling, the seven-judge supreme court bench, led by Chief Justice Martha Koome, unanimously threw out the petitions challenging the results of the presidential election. The court in their judgement said that the petitioners failed to prove their case in court.

They accused some lawyers and petitioners of  “fabricating evidence, engaging in forgery and treating the court to a wild goose chase.”

The court also found that two affidavits by tMr Odinga’s experts were not admissible.

There is nothing to show that Mr Odinga asked the two people to swear affidavits. We must remind counsel who appear before this court or any other court that swearing to falsehoods is a criminal offence.

– Martha Koome, Chief Justice, Kenya.

Mr Odinga while promising to respect the decision of the court, says they vehemently disagree with the decision reached by the court today.

Our lawyers proffered irefutable evidence and facts were on our side, unfortunately the judges saw it otherwise. We find it incredible that the judges found against us on all nine grounds and ocassion resulted to unduly exaggerated language to refute our claims.

– Raila Odinga, opposition leader.

The outgoing president, Uhuru Kenyatta, who preferred Mr Odinga as his successor over Mr Ruto who was his deputy for ten years promised to adhere to the court ruling and facilitate a smooth transfer of power.

In his short speech, the president did not mention the president-elect by name or congratulate him. Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto have had a frosty relationship during their last term and it looks like things have not changed even with Mr Ruto’s new status as his successor.

I want to wish well all who have won as they guide our country into the future. I thank you all for the opportunity to serve.

– Uhuru Kenyatta, outgoing president of Kenya.

The incoming administration already has their hands full with a nation hoping that they will act quickly and arrest the rising cost of living. The price of fuel is currently at its highest ever level, the shilling at its weakest point against the dollar making imported products more expensive.

The new government will also need to reign in on government borrowing. The national debt currently stands at over Ksh 8 trillion.

Unlike previous elections, the country remained calm with no incidences of violence or protests reported following the delivery of the judgement.

PHOTO: Deputy President Press Unit/Courtesy