Political stability provides for change of power peacefully. It provides for harmonious transition from one generation to another. This in essence fosters national development in terms of ensuring peace and security upon which economic development thrives. This is why in a country like Uganda where political stability has been elusive for over 52 years; Museveni’s continuity at the helm is a threat on its own for the country’s development. The pure danger to national security and prosperity of Uganda is in our midst.

Before this concern becomes a problem for Uganda and in order to avert a crisis, as citizens we must usher in a new consensus.  After 30 years of uninterrupted rule by the Museveni administration, Uganda needs a new dream for the future and a new vision of hope.

Owing to the absence of democratic institutions that can guarantee new leadership to steer Uganda’s development coupled with the fact that the current system cannot superintend over free and fair elections that may possibly oust them from power, the need for a National Transitional Council is eminent. This council will create the environment in which the new leadership will work. The council would be mandated to engage Ugandans in determining a way forward that will form a new consensus for all Ugandans.

The Council should be able to gather new thoughts and ideas from all over the country that will be used to build consensus on a new constitutional dispensation for Uganda. For the reason that Uganda needs a future to point its leadership to, the idea of holding elections in a ritualistic manner should be rendered futile.   Ideally, elections should provide us with the leadership that understands our needs as a people and not perpetuate poor administration.

Uganda needs a new direction based on democracy and clear leadership that is backed by institutional capacity. In order for this to happen, there must be restoration of institutions to achieve the service delivery the nation needs. The breakdown of institutions has been replaced by the “all powerful, all knowing” institution known as Museveni. Since it is not clear what will happen when that institution is no more, this country’s governance thereafter should not be shrouded in mystery.

This does not mean that Museveni will step aside from his presidency, the opposition and all peace loving Ugandans need to identify a candidate who situates in the capacity of institutional building for the good of the country. This step will call for a lot of sacrifice and putting our country first in order to burn down ambitions for those who might be running out of time to contest for the presidency. But this step will require men and women who love this country to the point of putting their ambitions and aspirations to a wait for the greater good.

Under the National Transitional Council Uganda will see a shift from the status quo to a better way of doing business for citizens. It is therefore in the best interest of every Peace-loving, law-abiding and development-oriented citizen of Uganda to embrace the National Transitional Council.

The NTC shall consistent of eminent Ugandans represented from all regions, if there could be any activity the NTC team be sold out to the whole country in a bid to create a transition from Museveni to a better environment where all political players can be free to compete for state power.