By Maria de Deu

In a surprising move, Alassane Ouattara has appointed Beugré Mambé as the new Prime Minister of Ivory Coast. Mambé, the former governor of Abidjan, succeeds Patrick Achi, who served for two years (2021-2023) at the “white house” of the plateau.

Mambé is the seventh head of government under Ouattara’s reign since 2011 and is expected to complete his third term. The unexpected appointment has sparked speculation about the president’s motives, particularly as Mambé was not part of Ouattara’s inner circle.

While Mambé is not a newcomer to politics, having previously held the position of minister-governor, his selection raises questions about Ouattara’s intentions. Some observers suggest that the appointment could be a strategic move in preparation for a potential fourth term.

In Côte d’Ivoire, winning the presidential election often hinges on support from the district of Abidjan and its surroundings. The ruling party’s recent losses in Abidjan during municipal and regional elections may have prompted Ouattara to appoint Mambé, an Ebrié native, in an effort to garner sympathy from the Ebrié electorate.

Furthermore, Mambé’s affiliation with the opposition party Pdci-Rda rather than Ouattara’s own RHDP adds another layer of intrigue to the appointment. It remains to be seen whether this decision will have the desired political impact for the president.

This article was originally published in our French segment. Translation by Daniel Ominde.

Photo : Compte X de @AOuattara_PRCI