Gabon Military Sieze Control Following Disputed Polls
Daniel Ominde

Daniel Ominde is an award-winning Kenyan journalist and blogger. He currently serves on the AfricaBlogging Editorial Board as the Lead Editor.

He is a regular editorial contributor to BBC World Service's 'People Fixing the World' and 'Across The Continent' on Power FM 98.7 (Johannesburg, South Africa). He also contributes editorial works to continental publications like Mail & Guardian South Africa, Debunk, Kaya Breakfast on South Africa's Kaya FM 95.9, SABC's Channel Africa and Tanzania's Radio Saut 96.1 (Mwanza).

In 2019, Daniel was recognised by the Germany-based Global Solutions Initiative as a Young Global Changer for his efforts in highlighting policy gaps in Kenya's public health system through compelling storytelling.

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