ELECTION UPDATE: Uganda’s date with destiny
Daniel Ominde

Daniel Ominde is both a blogger and journalist based in Kisumu, a small city in the western part of Kenya.
He writes about socio-economic and political issues affecting his readers and strive to give his audiences a balanced and objective perspective into issues that affect them, issues that will affect them or issues that they should be concerned about.
His blog provides him with a platform to tell stories from angles and perspectives that are not usually explored by the media or fellow bloggers. To him it’s about filling the gap in the information chain.

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Daniel Ominde Okoth

Mejja ni mnoma. He should have however stayed away from Nairobi by Sol Generation.


ELECTION UPDATE: Uganda’s date with destiny

Ugandans are going to the polls today (Thursday, 14th January 2021) to decide whether 76-year-old Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who...

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Schools in Kenya on Monday (4th January 2020) opened for second term learning after being closed for 9 months....

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Tanzania is just coming from a shambolic electioneering period characterized by harassment and intimidation of opposition politicians, stifling of...

ELECTIONS UPDATE: Tanzanian Opposition Vows To Reject Poll Verdict

Tanzania’s main opposition party Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) has vowed to reject the outcome of Wednesday’s general...

Tanzania Decides Amid Allegations Of Plot to Rig The Polls

29 million registered voters in Tanzania are today (28.10.2020) expected to cast their ballots in a presidential election pitting...

Theft In A Pandemic: Public Healthcare In Kenya Grinding Towards A Halt As New Scandal On PPE Procurement Comes To Fore

Health workers in Kenya have started industrial action in several parts of the country leaving the public vulnerable as...

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