Dr William Samoei Ruto, Kenya’s current Deputy President, is now poised to replace Mr Uhuru Kenyatta as the tenant of Statehouse Nairobi. Dr Ruto has been declared President-elect by the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Dr Ruto garnered 7, 176, 141  votes, representing 50.49% of the total votes cast. The Kenyan Constitution requires a winning candidate to secure at least 50% of the total votes cast plus one more vote. Mr Raila Odinga who was his main challenger garnered 6,942, 930 votes, representing 48.8% of the total votes cast.

Mr Odinga’s coalition has rejected the election results citing a lack of transparency in the election results verification process. Four of the seven IEBC commissioners also held a separate press briefing saying the process was not transparent. They however did not specify the exact areas where the exercise fell short of constitutional requirements.

The chairman of IEBC is also the presidential election returning officer and the individual to whom the power to declare a president-elect is vested.

Kenya’s constitution allows those challenging the results of a presidential election up to seven days to file a petition with the supreme court. Where such a petition has been file, it will be determined within 21 days from the date of declaration of election results (today).

Where there is no petition, the new president will take oath of office on the first Tuesday after 14 days from the date of declaration of the presidential election results.

PHOTO: Deputy President Press Unit/Courtesy