On 1st March, 2016 I launched the #PromoteTheWomanConstable social media campaign to attract the attention of the authorities and consider promoting Constable Marjory Moyo to Sergeant following her unfortunate accident where she was run over by a speeding mini bus in Lusaka.

A few days earlier, Marjory in the company of other Police officers from Ben Mwiinga Police Post in PHI, mounted a checkpoint at Marshlands where they impounded a minibus but unfortunately, its driver decided to drive off and in the process ran over the young officer.

Videos and still pictures showing her in a pool of blood went viral on social media as she was being transferred to a hospital at the back of a lorry provided by a good Samaritan.  Constable Moyo has been moved to a  South African hospital for further treatment. Zambia’s envoy to South Africa, Emmanuel Mwamba says her condition is stable.

In launching the #PromoteTheWomanConstable campaign, I wanted the authorities to appreciate the role this lady played in ensuring that our roads are free of unlicenced and careless drivers.

As a person who run a minibus company, I know how careless and dangerous unlicenced drivers are and how they drive without regard. The campaign was to help Constable Moyo get state recognition and be treated as a hero who was injured in the line of duty.

After weeks of the #PromoteTheWomanConstable on Facebook and Twitter I chanced on  Home Affairs Minister, Davies Mwila at carpark at District Administration in Kite where I had gone to replace my damaged National Registration Card (NRC).

“Paul good morning. Am sorting out your issue today,” said the Minister as he was jumping into his car. I didn’t know what the minister meant and I stood still watching him as he drove off.

At first I thought I had committed a crime but Mr Mvula, a messenger who works at the District Administration told me: “Just call him later, am sure he has something for you.”

I remained shocked and went ahead to replace my NRC which I managed to do within 20 minutes.

At around 11:30, my colleague Clinton Masumba from Flava FM who went to cover   Mwila’s function in the area called me to say the Minister had recommended the promotion of Constable Marjory Moyo to sergeant.

I jumped in excitement and to me, the words from the minister now made sense. I realised that my social media campaign, #PromoteTheWomanConstable had suceeded.

I feel happy that our hero, containable Moyo will now wear three chevrons on her shoulders as Sergeant Moyo instead of the blank epaulette she had.

On Twitter and Facebook when I kept calling for her promotion, I was met with serious opposition. People called the Police corrupt, uneducated and all sorts of things. But I kept my faith knowing that one day the young Constable will be appreciated.

I am happy that social media campaign as this one can attracting the attention and positive action of the authorities.

I am happy to honor and wish Sergeant Marjory Moyo a quick recovery and safe return home.