African Leaders Spearhead Peace Efforts in Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Paul Shalala

Paul Shalala (@PaulShalalaZNBC) is a TV journalist and blogger who works for the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation. He is also runs The Zambian Analyst, a blog where he writes stories on politics, elections and governance. Paul was trained to report on politics and good governance at the International Institute for Journalism in Berlin, Germany in 2011. He has been blogging since 2010 and has won one local and two international media awards for stories published on his blog. He is a member of the Zambian Bloggers Network. Currently, he is blogging on several topics ahead of Zambia’s 2016 general elections.

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African Leaders Spearhead Peace Efforts in Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Seven African Presidents are heading to Europe to mediate in the Russia-Ukraine War, which has global implications. The African...

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Since Zambians voted out the Patriotic Front on the 12th of August 2021, the country has remained divided into...

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The walls are massive and high, escape is not an option. Once you get in the only way you...

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