Happy New Year!

When we set up Africa Blogging in 2015, we wanted to be a platform that catalyzes political discourse that promotes democracy and a plurality of voices across the continent. We wanted to give context and explain nuances in political developments from Africa to help us better understand what’s going on in the continent.

At the time, text and images on blogs were the in-thing. But the world is fast changing and with the changes come new audience preferences. Today, text and images aren’t as popular as they were seven years ago.

Audiences want to still have engaging conversations but without keeping their eyes glued to their mobile or computer screens focused on one article…of course there is still an audience for traditional blog articles and we will continue providing that.

After months of trials and even appearing on other political podcasts from across the continent, we have finally launched our own podcast – The Africa Blogging Podcast.

This podcast will initially be available weekly in audio format and in the English language. We hope to introduce the French language podcast and other multimedia story formats as the year progresses.

Below are the links to the podcast on various platforms:

Click Here to listen on  Apple Podcasts

Click Here to listen on Google Podcasts

Click Here to Listen on Spotify

Click Here to Listen on Radio Public

Africa Blogging Podcasts is also available on Amazon Music and Anchor among other popular podcast platforms.

The podcast already has two episodes featuring Africa Blogging authors Pru Nyamishana and Immanuel Obeng’- Akrofi with insights on significant political developments of 2022 in Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria.

In the coming weeks, we will also hear from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Somalia and Kenya. We will also use this platform to provide extensive coverage and context into the Nigerian and Zimbabwean elections this year.

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