Government Distrust and Ugandans’ Refusal to Adhere to COVID-19 Guidelines
Prudence Nyamishana

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“President Museveni appeals to certain people who are risk averse. But I wouldn’t say those people are the majority. There are lots of people who are disgruntled,” says @namlyd, in discussion with @JoelSsenyonyi and @OfwonoOpondo. Full episode:


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Government Distrust and Ugandans’ Refusal to Adhere to COVID-19 Guidelines

For long Ugandans pleaded with the government to change policies and systems that hurt them, but the pleas have...

you big people that push us off the road with police escorts during rush hour traffic jam Uganda

Dear Big Men, you might now need a Ugandan doctor

Dear Members of Parliament, Ministers local government officials, permanent secretaries and all you big people that push us off...

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