By Daniel Ominde

Ink-slinging avengers, with pens in hand
They roam the land, to report on what’s grand
They’re the fearless warriors of the press
Bringing to light what others might suppress

With their cameras and notebooks at the ready
They’re always on the hunt, and never unsteady
Chasing leads, and digging up the dirt
To expose the truth, no matter how much it hurts

Their mission, to keep us in the know
Is a noble quest, that never gets old
They ask the questions, that we all want answered
And keep us informed, no matter the danger

These ink-slinging avengers, with their powers of the press
Are the ones we trust, to keep our world in progress
So let’s raise a glass, to these heroes of the news
For they’re the ones who fight, for our right to choose

Happy World Press Freedom Day