Senegal : The citizens are big winners of the presidential election
Fanta Diallo

Fanta Diallo holds a post-graduate degree in sociology. Very involved in the local development of her town, she is involved in the municipal council, is a fierce activist and defender of causes relative to the development of her country, and she states on her Facebook page – « Ce qui ne me tue pas me rend plus fort » - “What does not kill me makes me stronger – Senegalese Dreamer”. She is a member of the Senegalse blogger network and the African platform Africtivist, she defends causes with her friends through social media networks which are their main platforms. Her blog is a mirror of Senegalese politics.

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Senegal : The citizens are big winners of the presidential election

On February 24th, the people of Senegal once again proved their great maturity. With the process surrounding the pre-electoral...

Electronic communications law: threat or framework for free speech?

Censorship at heart On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, Senegal’s National Assembly voted, during open session, to pass an electronic...

Who Can Challenge Macky Sall?

In 2012, civil society opposition parties’ demonstrations enabled Macky Sall to be elected President of the Republic. The leader...

#HarareTour session 4 #AfricaBlogging

Ces  04 au 07 juin 2018, s’est tenue à Hararé la session annuelle des blogueurs de la plateforme panafricaine...

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