Cameroon: Can the Anti-Sardinard Brigade really “capture” Paul Biya?
Fotso Fonkam

Fotso Fonkam is a language teacher and self-educated web developper from Cameroon. He is also a blogger at "Le Petit Écolier" (, a blog hosted on one of the largest francophone blogging platforms, Mondoblog, where he focusses on educational, political and cultural issues. When sollicited, he also contributes on several other blogs or platforms.

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Cameroon: Can the Anti-Sardinard Brigade really “capture” Paul Biya?

The Anti-Sardinard Brigade organized a demonstration in Geneva against President Paul Biya’s stay in Switzerland. Cameroonian activists in the...

Cameroon: Kamto threatens, the government panics

Following the call for demonstration by Maurice Kamto, calling for the removal of Paul Biya from power after 38...

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(This article was originally published in French on 4th April 2020) While the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19...

Cameroon: the boycott wins the double vote

Cameroon: the boycott wins the double vote of the 9th of February

The combined election held on the 9th of February 2020 was marked by an abstention rate of just less...

Anglophone crisis: will the Great National Dialogue be a monologue?

The Great National Dialogue that was scheduled for the end of September in Cameroon is likely to be held...

Anglophone Crisis: the Cameroonian government forced to engage in a dialogue

Deaf to the calls for negotiations coming from various sides of the issue for almost three years now, the...

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