Malawi: New elections, new alliances, new uncertainties
Jimmy Kainja

Jimmy Kainja is a lecturer, teaching media and communications at University of Malawi, Chancellor College. He is also a blogger focusing on political, cultural and social justice issues. He blogs at Twitter handle: @jkainja.

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Malawi: New elections, new alliances, new uncertainties

As polls suggest the opposition alliance will win on 23 June, President Mutharika has been trying to forcibly remove...

The Rule of Law and Resilience of Malawi’s Democracy

In the last two weeks, Malawi has captured the world’s attention, for all the good reasons following a constitutional...

Malawi’s maturing democracy to be tested further by more protests

Since the results of the 2019 general elections were announced on 27 May, Malawi has been in suspense. Two presidential contestants are challenging the outcome...

Are Malawians Sleep-Walking into a Surveillance State?

In the last three years Malawi government has passed a lot of legislation, among these is the National Registration...

Let MISA Malawi be, Malawi needs the media council

There have been muted discussions and calls within media circles, notably by the Media Institute for Southern Africa (Misa...

Malawi elections: A three-horse race too close to call

On 21 May, Malawi goes to the polls to vote for the president, members of parliament and local councillors....

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